» 3 phrases to avoid when firing a salesperson

3 phrases to avoid when firing a salesperson

December 18, 2012 by Bob Hill
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When it comes to letting a salesperson go, the words a manager chooses may also expose the company to legal action. 

With that in mind, business columnist Jeff Haden suggests managers avoid these three phrases, in particular:

  1. “Look, this is really hard for me.” Termination is about the employee, not the manager. Focusing on how difficult it is for you will only raise the rep’s ire.
  2. “We’ve decided we need to make a change.” You’re not trading a forward to the Indiana Pacers, you’re firing an employee. So stick to the basics, and keep it as simple as possible. You might even just say, “Unfortunately, I have to let you go.”
  3. “We can work out the other details later.” You don’t want to drag a process like this out. Be sure to have your ducks in a row prior to calling the employee in. Explain the decision, and what steps are necessary right then and there.

Source: The 10 Worst Things to Say When You Fire Someone,” Inc. Magazine, 2/6/12.

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