» 3 tips to crafting a press release that actually works

3 tips to crafting a press release that actually works

November 8, 2012 by Christian Schappel
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Three ways to help ensure your press releases make hay:

  1. Call before you send. Many are inclined to send out a press release and follow up a week later. Instead, call the recipient before you send it and ask, “Are you the person I should send this release to?” This’ll set your release apart by asking for the recipient’s help right from the get-go, not to mention ensure you’re actually pitching to the right person.
  2. Don’t write an ad. If it looks or smells like an ad, it’ll get trashed. Use newspaper talk – no adjectives or superfluous jargon. Double space and keep it to a page max.
  3. Include a cover letter. If you’re snail mailing the press release, include a quick cover letter thanking the recipient for his or her time. If emailing, include a cover letter-esque personal note in the body of the message. If you include the release as an attachment, copy and paste it into the email body as well. Many ignore attachments from unfamiliar sources.
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