» 4-part test of your customer service

4-part test of your customer service

December 21, 2012 by Jim Giuliano
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To make sure you’re delivering what you promise and are as accessible to customers as possible, try this test of your customer care.

Call anytime

Dial your customer service number. Do you think that it’s quick and easy to get to a person? Is it what you’d expect if you were a customer? If applicable, listen to the menu options for any that can be eliminated, and grade the friendliness of the person who picks up first.

Call late

Call after hours (if you don’t have 24-hour service) and leave a message. Is the speed in which it is returned acceptable to you?

Ask to be contacted

Fill out a contact form online, if there is one. See how long it takes to get an automated message and then a personal response.

Is that an acceptable amount of time? And is the tone of each message welcoming? It must be because this is how potential first-time customers ask for help.

Check the email

Put yourself (perhaps a personal email address) on your company’s email list. Do you get important messages in a timely manner? Are the messages reaching you consistently (or have they been booted out by a spam filter)?

Source: Customer Service Alert, 11/12.



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