» 7 major changes in closing during tough economic times

7 major changes in closing during tough economic times

August 9, 2012 by Ken Dooley
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While the basic rules of closing remain the same in every economy, there are seven significant changes that have an influence on closing during tough economic times:

  1. Trust is more essential than ever to close the sale.
  2. The marketplace has become more crowded, mature and competitive.
  3. Purchasing has become consensus-oriented and is based on relationships far less than ever before.
  4. The capacity to sell value rather than price has become more critical for every salesperson.
  5. Buyers are looking for advisors and business experts who deliver results that exceed basic expectations. They’re not interested in salespeople who are positioned only as pushers of products or services.
  6. Buying decisions are being made at higher and higher levels due to the strategic importance of purchases. Once salespeople enter too low, it’s often difficult to re-enter at a higher level.
  7. Good closers develop strong relationships with prospects who want relationships, deliver effective solutions to those prospects who are seeking solutions, deliver greater value to those prospects who seek value, and offer a speedy transaction to those who seek a quick solution.
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