» A real — and dangerous — symptom of Sick Building Syndrome

A real — and dangerous — symptom of Sick Building Syndrome

February 15, 2013 by Jim Giuliano
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At least one study indicates headaches are a symptom of Sick Building Syndrome — a real and preventable problem.

Headaches have always been considered a symptom of Sick Building Syndrome. But a new study adds some weight to the idea: Office workers may suffer from more intense migraines and more frequent headaches from poor indoor air quality than previously thought, according to the study by Ball State University.

The study found that when exposed to poor-quality indoor air, 38% of participants reported having a headache one to three days a month. Another 8% of study participants reported daily headaches. One interesting tidbit from the study: Women were more likely to report a headache than men.

Cut off the source

One of the leading causes of poor-quality indoor air is cleaning materials that emit volatile organic compounds. So if you get complaints, ask your cleaning crew what they’re using. The safer materials are those that carry a green certification, such as:

• Greenguard and Green Seal for a variety of uses

• FloorScore for hard surface flooring, and

• Green Label for carpeting.



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