» Characteristics of sales losers and winners

Characteristics of sales losers and winners

August 6, 2012 by Ken Dooley
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What separates losers from winners? Here’s a list.

Characteristics of sales losers:

  • Make fewer calls
  • Spend more time in the office
  • Lose customers to price-cutters
  • Few new customers, if any
  • Interest in serving customers lags
  • Feel “selling isn’t what it used to be”
  • May seem out of the customer loop
  • Ignore opportunities to learn
  • Appear cynical or disgruntled
  • Talk more about past achievements
  • Believe seniority warrants special privileges
  • Feel unappreciated by management
  • Some upward movement, but slower
  • Less aggressive
  • Fail to respond to changing customer needs
  • Some accounts leave but “it’s one’s fault”
  • Become somewhat complacent
  • Focus on “favorite” customers
  • “Paid my dues” feeling may set in
  • Less regular customer contact
  • Call on large prospects primarily
  • Less interest in new accounts, other than “big ones” and
  • Fewer hours spent on the job.

Characteristics of sales winners:

  • When they feel a slow down, they reinvigorate themselves by finding quality leads
  • Go after challenging accounts that require extensive knowledge, in-depth analysis and sensitive handling
  • They plan for the long-term by identifying and carefully cultivating prospects continually
  • They are able to talk about how their products or services, are innovative and remain on the cutting edge, far ahead of the competition, and
  • They welcome suggestions and criticism from customers and their own management.

Adapted from The Best Damn Sales Book Ever by Warren Gresher, a sales trainer.

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  • Nicole

    It really depends on the “type” of sales person we’re talking about. For example many online businesses require that most of their time is spent “in the office.”


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