» Check for rebates when updating HVAC

Check for rebates when updating HVAC

April 8, 2013 by Jim Giuliano
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Before you start your next big energy-efficiency project, you may want to look into utility rebates.

Reason: Gas and electric utilities are investing heavily in rebate programs for energy efficiency in commercial buildings. And the rebates can save your company some big bucks. Most rebates cover 10% to 20% of capital equipment costs. Some even go as high as 50%.

Outsource the search

The availability of rebate programs varies widely by state, but there are plenty of opportunities out there. One good place to start your search is the government website

But the process for finding and landing rebates can be complicated. That’s why some companies hire a consultant to find and secure them.

Work with the utility

If the possibility of an equipment upgrade appears, apply for a rebate ASAP. Rebates come and go, and they’re often snatched up fast. It’s also important to identify the rebate program before the capital project even begins. The key is to work closely with the utility’s account representative from start to finish. Many utilities have a network of qualified vendors they prefer. Selecting these vendors can speed up the process and help you secure rebates sooner.



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