» Good news for small biz: People trust you

Good news for small biz: People trust you

August 12, 2010 by Bob Hill
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A recent Gallup Poll shows who Americans trust and don’t trust.  If you’re a small business, the news is good.

The poll, released on July 22nd, asked Americans to rank how much confidence they had in 16 different areas. Here are the rankings in descending order (the % meaning the number of Americans who have strong confidence in each area/institution):

  1. Military 76%
  2. Small business 66%
  3. The police 59%
  4. The church or organized religion 48%
  5. The medical system 40%
  6. The U.S. Supreme Court 36%
  7. The presidency 36%
  8. Public schools 34%
  9. The criminal justice system 27%
  10. Newspapers 25%
  11. Banks 23%
  12. Television news 22%
  13. Organized labor 20%
  14. Big business 19%
  15. HMOs 16%
  16. Congress 11%

No surprise that the military ranks first. Since 1998, the U.S. military has never dropped past the third position in confidence surveys.

But the fact that U.S. Congress has dropped to 11% is a reflection of the ever-widening political divide in this country. The rift began in the 70s, but has never reached the point where it is right now. People seem to be drawn to either side of the political divide, and there’s almost no middle ground in between.

Meanwhile, almost every major issue comes down to a split based strictly upon party lines and allegiances, a situation which falls in direct contradiction to the way most Americans expect Congress to operate.

What do you think? Have you lost your faith in Congress? What needs to change in order for Congress to operate successfully again?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

To read the entire breakdown and analysis of this Gallup Poll, click here.


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