» Lady Gaga doll deal stalls: Was the bloody stump a factor?

Lady Gaga doll deal stalls: Was the bloody stump a factor?

August 8, 2012 by Charlie Walker
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Marketing Lady Gaga: Creative nightmare or merchandising dream?

That issue is being played out in New York City, where a toy manufacturer is suing her Gaga-ness for more than $10 million, saying she welched on a deal that would’ve filled toy store shelves with little singing Gagas clad in some of her more outlandish get-ups.

MGA Entertainment (known for making Bratz dolls) fronted Gaga’s management company $1 million as part of the deal.

Now MGA is saying Gaga’s merchandiser got cold feet and asked to hold off on putting the dolls on the market — until next year, when Gaga’s new album is expected to be released.

MGA says it stands to lose $28 million unless it can get the doll to toy stores in time for fall shopping season.

Meanwhile, the singer’s representative said MGA’s lawsuit was “meritless.”

Before the deal went off the tracks, there was some expected back and forth over the image both sides were seeking to project.

Apparently, Atom Factory, Gaga’s management company, asked the toymaker to make the doll “more supermodel-like,” with “more of a cat-eye and sexier, poutier lips.”

That sounds fair.

Then, according to accounts, the management company discussed making a doll with a pop-off head, which would reveal a bloody stump.

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