» Listening faults that lose sales

Listening faults that lose sales

January 22, 2013 by Jim Giuliano
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If customers aren’t buying, one reason for it could be salespeople who aren’t listening to what customers say.

Here are five common listening faults that lose sales and customers:

1. Remembering only the facts. Listening isn’t remembering; it’s a form of communication. Focus on the idea the prospect is relaying, not on a series of facts or emotions.

2. Setting mental blocks. Some of us have words or phrases that upset us emotionally and impair our listening. We may associate some things we hear with unpleasant experiences with other prospects of customers or something we simply don’t like. Try to watch your reaction to such words.

3. Getting distracted. Sales get thrown off track when salespeople aren’t fully focused on what the customer is saying. Good listeners stop doing other things when they’re listening. They show their interest by asking questions. There’s no better way to get specific information and uncover the prospect’s needs and wants.

4. Assuming you understand. You may think you understand the message completely. But it’s a good idea to repeat what was said in your own words.

5. Being argumentative. Sometimes we hear something at the beginning of a conversation with a prospect or customer, disagree with it and spend the rest of the time preparing an argument instead of listening. Try to hear the prospect out, then take a few moments to plan your response.




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