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We live in a world of instant information and instant entertainment. People aren’t waiting for the morning newspaper to land on their front doorstep before getting their news, they aren’t sitting through advertisements to hear more music on the radio, and they definitely aren’t watching commercials if they have the option to fast forward through them with TiVo.

If people cannot even be patient to get the things they want then you can guarantee that they aren’t looking at your promotions and don’t care about your marketing tactics. You have to go where the people are and follow their lifestyles if you ever want to capture any of their limited attention.

People are using technology for everything. They are online and on their smart phones. That’s where you have to go to get them. Those are the forms of media that you need to channel your marketing to. Not utilizing online marketing is like not having a telephone in this day and age. How do you expect to communicate with anyone?

There are plenty of opportunities for marketing on the internet. Email campaigns are a great way to target specific customers and to track who exactly is getting your information. People aren’t using snail mail like they used to, so move your direct marketing campaigns to email. Likewise, advertising on print and broadcast media is a lost cause when everyone is utilizing online resources for everything from television shows to the weather. Take those advertisements that you would have put on paper and move them to the web. Banner ads are the new way to get noticed.

There are also places where you can take advantage of consumer internet usage and get yourself noticed in nontraditional ways. Ads aren’t the only way to promote something. Check out social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Consumer spends hours a day on these sites so they are a great place to find an audience. These sites can also help you to target exactly who you want to be speaking to with tailored ads by drawing from the information on people’s pages like their groups that they join or their interests that they list. In addition to social media, people are always on their cell phones. Try sending text message promotions. They will definitely be looking at it to make sure they aren’t missing the latest gossip from their BFF and if they are interested in what you have to offer, they can keep it right with them on their phone for easy access.

Probably the most important aspect of online marketing is your company’s personal online presence. Do you have a website? Can people find it? Can they navigate through it easily once they are there? Can they buy your products or service directly from the website? People don’t want to take the time to go out to a store or have to make a phone call to order something when every other company is offering it online. Make sure your website is up to par, complete with an online shopping cart.

Moving your marketing efforts online isn’t just smart, it is necessary. A good marketer knows that they must follow the consumers and those consumers are all online. So cover all your bases and make sure that you don’t get left behind in the technology of today.


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