» The proven sales training resource best-in-class companies swear by

The proven sales training resource best-in-class companies swear by

August 3, 2012 by Bob Hill
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What is “cultural transmission,” and why should it be at the core of your sales training program? 

In management terms, “cultural transmission” refers to a sales training method via which employees learn
by emulating proven strategies (or successful practitioners).

The three specific types of cultural transmission, which most best-in-class companies include in their sales training and development sessions are:

  1. First-hand examples. Integrate top salespeople into your new rep training program, as well as sales meetings. Have them cite recent examples of real-world strategies they’ve used to overcome common obstacles and close stalling prospects.
  2. Role play. It may sound elementary, but the more practice sales pros get at sharpening their approach, the more effective they’ll be, and the more kinks they’ll iron out prior to a hard-line negotiation.
  3. Monthly mentoring. The only way to keep salespeople on point at all times is by joining them on at least one sales call a month (if not more). Follow up with a feedback session, during which you can ask the salesperson questions that lead him/her to uncover the answers for him/herself. Once a quarter, it may even be helpful to switch roles, allowing each salesperson to accompany you on a call. It’s a great way to earn the average rep’s respect, while reinforcing some of the key fundamentals of your process.

Source: What’s Wrong With Your Sales Training Program,” by Steve Martin, Harvard Business Review Blog Network, 7/16/12.

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