» Selling to multiple decision-makers

Selling to multiple decision-makers

February 22, 2013 by Jim Giuliano
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With more sales decisions being made by committees, it’s important for your salespeople to modify their sales presentations to take group dynamics into account.

Salespeople are used to doing face-to-face presentations to a single prospect. But when the faces multiply, dynamics change. Here are ideas to make group presentations more effective, adapted from the book The Power To Get In, by Michael A. Boylan :

1. Before the presentation. Confirm all can stay for the time allocated to your presentation. If some attendees say they must leave early, try to find out their role in the decision making process. Regardless of their role, try to ensure that non-attendees have key information.

2. During the presentation. Watch everyone closely. Does one person seem to get more attention when speaking? Try to key in on those whose input holds more weight.

3. Encouraging participation. If prospects seem too quiet, try to ask the highest-ranking attendees for their opinion. This may cause the others to feel free to speak.

4. At the end of the presentation. Make sure all prospects have the chance to speak. Ask all department heads how the purchase affects them. If some attendees seem reluctant to speak, try to call or e-mail them later. They may have felt uncomfortable voicing concerns in front of other managers.



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