» Study casts doubt on ergonomic furniture

Study casts doubt on ergonomic furniture

March 15, 2013 by Jim Giuliano
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Do you have employees requesting the latest in ergonomic workstations. Take a look at the latest injury and fatigue statistics before letting your company jump in.

A new Wall Street Journal report shows the hottest ergo workstations and furniture pose risks (based on studies at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Tennessee):

  • Workers who sit on stability balls (rubber, inflatable spheres) start experiencing discomfort after just one hour.
  • People type 16% slower (on average) while walking on a treadmill vs. sitting.
  • About 83% of standing workers are at higher risk of chronic vein problems, primarily in the legs.
  • People experience a 6%-11% deterioration in mouse-clicking and math-problem-solving skills while walking on a treadmill.

Then there are the costs. Some walkstations run as much as $4,000.

Factor in an ergonomic injury and the price tag goes a lot higher. Bottom line: Research high-tech ergo workstations and furniture before giving the green light.



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