» Success in 2012: Quality content required

Success in 2012: Quality content required

January 11, 2012 by Charlie Walker
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In order to remain competitive in 2012, sales pros and marketers need to provide quality content for customers and would-be customers.

Instead of relying heavily on “best of” lists and how-to instructional articles, companies need to put their best foot forward and provide the type of content customers will find useful, especially when making buying decisions.

Another reason to ramp up content production: The other guy will be doing it. You could be in danger 0f being left in the dust, experts say.

Finally, Google intends to declare war on spammy, ad-laden content. This means you could see a real upgrade in search engine ranking — if you’re pumping out quality copy.

Google realizes that’s one of the big problems with search engine operations: Junk producers can vault ahead of the informational sites people are really trying to find.

Politicians used to say, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

In this case, it’s the content (but we’re calling you stupid if you hadn’t realized it).

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