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Why 33% of buyers aren’t listening to a word you say

September 18, 2012 by Bob Hill

Nearly a third of prospects have already decided which salesperson they’re going to do business with long before the official “selection” process begins.   More…

Ideas to make group presentations more effective

August 15, 2012 by Ken Dooley

The standard routine for salespeople is to find the decision maker and present the product or service. The fewer people involved, the smoother the process will run, according to conventional wisdom. New research shows that in many cases salespeople can increase their chances of closing by involving more people in the process. More…

7 major changes in closing during tough economic times

August 9, 2012 by Ken Dooley

While the basic rules of closing remain the same in every economy, there are seven significant changes that have an influence on closing during tough economic times: More…

Overcome the biggest obstacles to closing

July 19, 2012 by Bob Hill

New research confirms in the majority of cases, when there’s a significant lapse in closing rates, it’s not them … it’s you.  More…

Answer these 3 questions, and you’ll probably make the sale

February 29, 2012 by Bob Hill

In today’s cost-conscious marketplace, very few prospects are willing (or able) to agree to a purchase until they know the answers to these make-or-break questions.   More…

‘He can’t close’ – 3 top reasons newbies struggle

February 21, 2012 by Ken Dooley

Why do some new salespeople who are competent, professional and knowledgeable have so much trouble closing? Here three leading reasons they struggle to “close the deal.” More…

X5 presentation lessons from the master — Steve Jobs

November 23, 2011 by Bob Hill

The late Apple co-founder will be remembered for a number of things, including his ability to attract and captivate audiences and the media. An analysis shows he used the same formula — one that anyone else can employ. More…

How to close the 6 most difficult prospects

June 3, 2011 by Ken Dooley

Here are the six hardest people to deal with – along with the best ways to get a “Yes” from each: More…

Keys to closing more in an ever-changing marketplace

May 31, 2011 by Bob Hill

The rules may have changed, but the goal for salespeople remains the same. More…

Keys to selling value in a buyer’s market

December 16, 2010 by Bob Hill

Today’s salespeople face three consistent challenges to earning (and keeping) a buyer’s business:  More…

10 mantras every great salesperson should swear by

October 5, 2010 by Bob Hill


Post these mantras or pass them along, because if your salespeople aren’t already living by them, they absolutely should be:  More…

2 reasons prospects may no longer find your offer valuable

August 25, 2010 by Bob Hill

If your selling processes haven’t changed and your closing rates have dropped anyway, a well-known sales expert has two theories as to what’s hurting your business. More…

20-Minute Sales Meeting: After-sales support

August 20, 2010 by Ken Dooley

Some salespeople do a great job of selling until the prospect buys. Then everything changes. After the prospect takes ownership of the product or service, salespeople become scarce. That’s a problem. More…

X4 keys when having ‘the talk’ with reps about the economy

August 10, 2010 by Bob Hill


The economy — and what it’s doing to the company, future pay and their own job security — is something your sales and marketing reps think about constantly. And they’re counting on you for the answers. More…

7 changes in the marketplace influencing closing rates

August 4, 2010 by Ken Dooley

Closing today is a lot different than it was even a few years ago. Here are seven significant changes in the marketplace that have had a dramatic influence on closing rates: More…

Make your next sales call a success in 3 steps

July 14, 2010 by Ken Dooley

Here are three steps that can be done before, during and at the end of each call that will help you increase your closing ratio, courtesy of sales trainer and author Bill Farber. More…

3 hidden metrics that unlock profits, sales

July 6, 2010 by Bob Hill


These three metrics go beyond closing rates and click-throughs to uncover more opportunities to boost sales and revenue:  More…

Mastering the art of the trial closing

June 10, 2010 by Ken Dooley

The basic formula for asking prospects to buy is a lot simpler than some salespeople think. More…

One-on-one coaching session: Getting back to fundamentals

May 18, 2010 by Bob Hill

When salespeople start to slip, these keys will help put them back on track. More…

4 follow-up strategies that open doors, close deals

May 10, 2010 by Bob Hill

More than 80% of sales are closed on or after the fifth contact, found a recent Association of Sales Executives study. That means persistence is still king, and these strategies are proven to increase your chances of closing: More…


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