» The 15 biggest mistakes of unsuccessful salespeople

The 15 biggest mistakes of unsuccessful salespeople

July 17, 2012 by Ken Dooley
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Here are the 15 biggest mistakes unsuccessful salespeople make:

  1. They talk too much.
  2. They give information before they get information.
  3. They fail to observe and integrate early prospect signals.
  4. They fail to effectively manage rejection and failure.
  5. They sell when they should prospect, and prospect when they should sell.
  6. They don’t listen and take notes while the prospect is talking.
  7. They inject their own values or buying prejudices into the sales process.
  8. They don’t effectively read buyer signals and act accordingly.
  9. They sell features and price rather than value and customer benefits.
  10. They don’t keep good records or evaluate their wins and losses.
  11. They don’t work as hard to keep the business as they did to get it.
  12. They don’t ask for the business.
  13. They focus on making the sale rather than selling the relationship.
  14. They don’t invest enough time and money in their self-development.
  15. They confuse the importance of knowing with that of caring.


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