» The No. 1 challenge facing today’s content marketers

The No. 1 challenge facing today’s content marketers

June 14, 2011 by Bob Hill
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Content Marketing

A recent study reveals one issue reigns head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to connecting with today’s customers.

The issue: Producing engaging content.

That’s according Content Marketing Institute’s annual benchmarking and trends study. The study, which surveyed more than 1,100 marketing execs nationwide, found producing engaging content was the most daunting challenge for 36% of marketers nationwide.

The next closest challenge was “producing enough content” with 21% of the vote. The remainder of the list was rounded out by:

  • Creating marketable content on a limited budget (20%)
  • Lack of buy-in from C-level executives (11%)
  • Producing a significant variety of content (9%), and/or
  • No answer/other (3%).

Other studies have shown the key to maintaining high levels of sales, satisfaction and loyalty in today’s competitive marketplace is finding effective ways to engage buyers on a regular basis.

Email and social media are two low-cost ways to maintain an ongoing dialogue with customers.

But in both cases, the key to writing effective copy is understanding what prospects respond to. Three ways to do that:

  1. Use Twitter’s analytic tools to monitor (and respond to) what customers are tweeting about your company on a daily basis.
  2. Use or Google Analytics to compare your company’s web traffic to competitors’, and determine what other companies are doing to drive heavy traffic.
  3. Use email and social media to ask for open, consistent feedback about products and services. The key here is encouraging prospects to be honest, especially in cases where they had a negative experience (as this will generally provide a wealth of actionable info your company can use to improve its products and services).

To download the complete Content Marketing Institute’s Benchmarking Study, click here.

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