» Ways to make customers right … even when they’re wrong

Ways to make customers right … even when they’re wrong

June 24, 2010 by Ken Dooley
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Even though the old adage that the customer’s always right may be dying, the idea of making customers feel right — even when they’re wrong — is still a powerful selling tool.

Avoid blame statements

Blame statements rob customers of their motivation to be your customer and put them on the defense.

Examples of blame statements include:

  • You’re wrong. That’s not how you should do it.
  • Why didn’t you use it the way I explained?
  • That is not what you asked for.

Top salespeople focus on the positive by using questions to gracefully correct customers without making them feel wrong.  The following questions allow you to respect the customer’s viewpoint and create a new opening for a positive result:

  • What else do you feel might be possible?
  • Can you please share with me your thinking on that?
  • Is it possible that there may be another approach/solution here?
  • Is it possible that there may be more/other facts to consider?
  • How can I best assist you now?
  • That’s interesting. Can you share with me why you feel that way?
  • I’m not too sure what you mean? Can you elaborate on that?
  • May I ask where you heard/learned that?
  • What are you noticing that supports your feelings about this?

Adapted from “Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions,” by Keith Rosen,

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