The search terms that put your company at risk

An employee conducting an innocent search for something like “popular screensavers” or “Solitaire” can put your company’s computers and Web sites at risk, finds a new report.

The report by McAfee identified the 10 search terms that make your company’s computers and networks vulnerable to malicious software and identity theft.

They are:

  1. Word Unscrambler
  2. Lyrics
  3. MySpace
  4. Free Music Downloads
  5. Phelps, Weber-Gale, Jones and Lezak Wins 4x 100m Relay
  6. Free Music
  7. Game Cheats
  8. Printable Fill in Puzzles
  9. Free Ringtones, and
  10. Solitaire.

You can’t stop employees from searching the Web, but you may want to discourage workers from using search terms that may take them into the dark and dangerous parts of the Internet.

Download the full report (PDF) here.

Julie Power is editor in chief of the Internet Marketing Report and the accompanying blog.

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