Good reasons to buy this type of insurance now

Depending on your total annual sales and who your customers are, your company could be an excellent candidate.
Despite a ratcheting up of risk these days, just 5%-10% of U.S. companies currently avail themselves of this protection. And those whose business is B-to-B and have annual sales of at least $1 million could be missing out.

Check out three compelling reasons to join that elite 10% of your peers turning to trade credit insurance:

Reason #1: It’s cheaper. Premiums are now down considerably (though they’ve moderated some after some big losses in ’07 and ’08), thanks to advances in underwriting.

Reason #2: It’s more flexible. Your company can tailor your coverage to specific customers or even a single buyer transaction to protect only as much as your company needs to.

Reason #3: It protects international business. The average DSO for international accounts is 75 days, vs. 40 days for domestic accounts. That’s why many banks are encouraging firms to insure foreign receivables.

In part from a whitepaper at; For a directory of business credit insurance providers, click financial_services/insurance/business_insurance/credit_insurance

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