5 new Blackberry apps

Most executives can’t begin to imagine their lives without a Blackberry. And everyday new applications are released making the devices more and more useful.

Check out these new applications that let you do everything from prioritize incoming messages to scan documents.

File Manager Pro: This app by Terra Mobility speeds up e-mail delivery by letting you zip up large files before sending them from your device. You can also unzip the compressed files you receive. Get it for $7.99, or try it free for seven days.

AlertMatrix: Busy professionals who don’t have time for unwanted calls or text messages can set priorities for the senders they actually want to hear from. The app sends an alert when a priority call or message comes through, and stays quiet for all other notifications. It also lets you select different noises and ring tones for different people to let you know exactly who is calling. Created by REXwireless it costs, 29.99.

RepliGo Reader: The RepliGo Reader from Cerience Corporation lets you open fully functioning PDF files to a media card. You can even do text searches. It’ll run you about $19.99, but is worth the price if you frequently work with PDFs.

TXTLater: Forgetful executives can download TXTLater for $9.99. This app by SKAN DbyDx Software lets you write text messages and e-mails and then schedule them to be sent to recipients at a set time in the future.

ScanR: Need a mobile scanner? ScanR app turns any BlackBerry into a fully functional scanner. The app lets you “convert papers, books, notes and business cards into PDF documents, text files or faxes.” and then send them as faxes. It’s available for $29.99, which includes a one-year subscription to the service.

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