6 tips to becoming a better manager of your time

Once time goes by, you can’t get it back. Communicate to other managers and salespeople the value of spending time wisely. By instilling a culture in your company that values time, you ensure that your people will manage it effectively.

Here are some tips to share with other managers and salespeople in your organization:

  • Create a project list.  It lets you know at a glance what work needs to be done that day and that week. The list can be updated hourly, daily or weekly — whatever suits the job.
  • Set priorities. Ask, “How important is this to the department?” and “How long will it take to complete?” Give priority to the most important tasks and those that will take the longest time to finish.
  • Plan each project in detail. Outline steps to accomplish each project, and estimate the time necessary to complete it. Then develop a time line working backward from when the project is due.
  • Plan each day and review the results. In addition to ongoing work on projects, make a list of routine jobs that need to be addressed each day. Then at the end of the day, note what was accomplished and what should be put on the next day’s schedule.
  • Clear your desktop. Go through stacks of papers and decide what to keep and what you can throw away. The keepers should be filed or listed on your project list for future action.
  • Control your activities. Plan how time will be spent and exercise control over interruptions. If you’re interrupted by a non-priority discussion, ask the person to come back later.

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