Before you offer dental benefits …

Any employer considering dental benefits as a benefit to keep and attract good employees should also consider the drawbacks. Some statistics:

  • One in three employees feel they have the info they need about their company’s dental coverage to pick the right plan, while
  • One in five admit they have “no idea” what is and isn’t covered.

Those are the shocking findings of the “Dental Insights” study by MetLife.

And understanding the plan seems to be the key to being happy with the employer’s offering, says MetLife.

But beware: Successfully educating employees about these benefits requires a mutli-faceted approach:

  1. Educate them on coverage. Yes, tell them what’s covered and what isn’t. But also provide things like a utilization summary so folks know which benefits they’ve used so far.
  2. Use “uncommon resources” such as oral health risk assessments, and
  3. Stress the importance of oral health. When employees grasp the link between oral health and overall health, they’ll become better consumers.

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