Black bloggers flex their ad muscle at Glen Beck

Glen Beck may have been exercising free speech when he recently said the president was a “racist,” but his advertisers aren’t happy about the name calling and neither are the black bloggers waging a campaign against Beck.

After Beck called President Barack Obama a “racist” who “has a deep-seated hatred for white people” on a Fox News show, a coalition of black bloggers got mad and they got even. They went after the controversial talk show host where it hurts most: in the pocketbook.

Their orchestrated campaign targeted at Beck’s advertisers was led by, a coalition of black online activists.

The organization managed to get 100,000 messages sent to advertisers on Beck’s show, and a number of these sponsors pulled ads from the show.

Some sponsors who yanked their ads are among the nation’s biggest advertisers,  including Geico, Procter & Gamble, State Farm and Progressive Insurance.

The campaign demonstrates the viral nature of the Web and its ability to quickly organize and mobilize consumers for or against companies and organizations.

Could your business be targeted for controversial opinions or activities? Would you be prepared to respond?

Fox is telling anyone who’ll listen that the ads pulled have been diverted to other Fox shows, but that begs the question: Who’s gonna want their ads to air on Beck’s show in the future? No matter how many viewers you attract, if nobody buys ad time on your show, your days are numbered.

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  1. I don’t pay any attention to either. or acorn or a lot of other liberal people & causes. They [liberals] don’t like consertive talk shows, but it does sells ad time. Liberal does not. Period

  2. Can anyone give any logical explanation to the arrogance of the Black Bloggers supposed anger and anyone of any other color than theirs claiming someone might be racist because of their stated comments> Try having an intelligent discussion with most blacks and if you disagree with them on anything they support, they scream RACIST at you. Cant take it coming from the other sides!

  3. Those remarks were made in the context of Obama having been a protogee of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and that certainly, after twenty years, some of Black Liberation Theology’s racist must have influenced Obama. Beck also pointed out at the time those remarks were made, that Obama’s
    “Green Czar” (whose name escapes me) is a black activist, an ex-con, a self-avowed former anarchist turned communist. To understand the mind of a leader, one must look at the people who’s counsel he seeks.

  4. I hear many blacks and latinos expressing their desire to pay back the white race for how their ancestors were treated by previous generations of whites. While I have a sense these people are a small percentage of the race and culture they claim to represent, they are hurting their entire race. Instead of appreciating how far we have buried racism over the last few decades, these people are reversing all of that progress. Keep playing the race card and it will take another 3-4 decades to get back to where we were in 2008. Stop throwing your culture, affirmative action and socialist idealogies in our faces and start being an American who appreciates the independance that we have all sacrificed for over the last 200+ years. You’ll be amazed at what we can all accomplish when we are all on the same team.

  5. I bet more than 100,000 of Beck’s millions of listeners will ban Geico, Procter & Gamble, State Farm and Progressive Insurance. I certainly will! I am actively supporting those who do advertise on his show because he is a patriot who cares about America more than a certain party or politician. He dares to criticize leaders who are, in his opinion, doing great harm to our country. That type of free speech should be supported.

  6. Glen Beck is a fear-mongering, ignorant jerk who plays to the vulnerable and uninformed. This activist group probably is not going to make a difference as to whether Beck stays on the air or not. Those who want to listen to him will do so. I like hearing two sides of an argument, but Beck picks one side only and sensationalizes it, often with factual errors. Personally, I find him to be an insufferable jerk.

  7. Glenn Beck and other like him who use the airwaves to spew hated and fear are a vile bunch.
    There are many white folks who are afraid of the lies and the insane notion that a Black man in White House is ‘going to get back at all the while people’. GET OVER YOURSELF!!!! Look at the big picture! This country is in the biggest mess of our history – and it wasn’t a Black man who got us here. But it is a Black man who is trying to get us out. People like Glen Beck are not helping the
    situation – he’s making it worse by fostering division through hatred and fear. I agree with Marty – Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and others ARE insufferable jerks.

  8. I agree!!!! Glenn Beck is a disgrace. There is nothing more clear to me that the fact that HE is a racist ignorant person whose intention is not to keep us informed but to influence the minds of other ignorant people.

  9. The funny thing about this situation is his viewership is increasing. The ones hurt will be the liberal hosts because the advertisers (P&G) have stated they are pulling ads from all opinion shows not just Glen Beck. He has strong opinions and those are what get ratings left or right. He will keep on growing his audience and his fans will not patronize the silly companies that dropped him. Who is really getting hurt in that scenario?

  10. Yes… I watched his show two times… that was enough for me to determine the type of journalist he is but I am sure now there are more people watching him than before.

  11. Sandra, Glenn has never called himself a journalist. Him and others like him are talk show hosts that’s it. Even though I did not vote for President Obama I was thrilled that America had come so far that we could vote for someone with color to be our president. Unfortunately due to his policies I beleive he will be seen as one of our less popular presidents but that is to be seen.

    I am amazed at all the poeple that called President Bush terrible things and tried to undermine him at every step that now feel we can’t disagree or complain about President Obama. Most of the hatred during the last 8 years came from leaders of the Democratic party and now they are the ones yelling the loudest when someone disagrees with President Obamas plans. And if you do disagree you are labeled a hate monger or racist. If you would be willing to listen to Rush or Glenn for two weeks and actually check the things they say, I mean really do your homework trying to disprove them I beleive you will find that they are right on most things. I agree you may not like the way they put things and thats a personal choice (I personaly can’t stand Hannity) but you may find yourself understanding a little bit why they do what they do.

  12. I have listened to Glenn Beck off and on over the years. He does love this country, his feelings about the president are his right to express as much as other have expressed their dislike for him. A group of blockers also have the right to use their joint persuasion to affect advertizers. the Important thing, we have the right to express our opinions. If Obama was my neighbor, that would be great, I am sure he and is family are delightful and encaging people. As a president and promise keeper. He pretty much sucks.

  13. When will people think for themshelves ? Beck and the likes take advantage of their listeners mental state. Beck, Sean, Rush and their “wanna be” copy cats are doing a great job of deviding this Nation. Maybe that is what many people want. If you think for your self you may find that the above names are only promoting whats best for big bussiness. follow the money.

  14. GTS pretty much said it all!

    While I don’t really like the styles of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and their talk show buddies, they are “talk show” hosts and intentionally present their (often way, way too one-sided) views of things out in the open. I think this presents a balance to the general, liberal media (e.g CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN) that profess to be “journalists” but often cloak their biased views in “news” stories. Neither of these by themselves are good, but as GTS states, if you listen to both sides and do your homework, you’re going to find the truth (often somewhere in between). My biggest concern with shows like Beck and Hannity is that, even though most of what they say is technically true, often they leave out important parts from the other side that would ground things in reality. No issue is really ever “black and white”, there is always shades of gray and we all need to come to a common ground somewhere in the middle that addresses the most important aspects while realizing that some of the other stuff that people would “like” may not be important in the bigger picture.

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