Common practices that kill online marketing efforts

There are a ton of less-than-stellar practices out there killing marketing initiatives. And most of them are avoidable.

For example:


Some companies still use images to convey their offers.

Problem is, every e-mail service today features applications that disable images.

Solution: State the offer in text, not graphics, so it’s always seen.

Images are great, but only if they complement — not replace — text.

Social media

Content — even the highly-targeted variety — on social media sites isn’t getting read, the latest eye-tracking studies reveal.

Why doesn’t it work? The vast majority of visitors to those sites are there just to interact with peers.

Solution: Get involved in the discussion on message boards and with blog posts that instill the company’s message.


The problem with video is some companies wait until the end to add the call to action.

Yet, most viewers decide to bail or move closer to a sale within eight seconds and don’t wait until the end of a typical 30-second video.

Solution: Start videos off with the call to action.

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