Common worker complaints – and how to respond

Keeping everyone happy is the goal, but as any company leader knows, it’s one daunting challenge.

And while it may not be possible to squelch every complaint, you’ll want to pass on this list to managers so they know exactly how to respond to common worker gripes.

  • “My hard work isn’t appreciated.” Offer feedback on a regular basis, and throw in some “good jobs” and “thank yous” with critiques.
  • “My boss doesn’t respect me.” Get to know employees personally. Try to accommodate them when they have situations outside work that demand attention.
  • “Performance reviews aren’t helpful.” Don’t wait until the review to give feedback. And involve employees in developing an action plan to focus on their goals.
  • “My boss micromanages me.” Give employees more say in how they do their work, so they can feel more in control.
  • “I hate my job.” Ask them what specifically would improve their feelings about work, then try to meet those needs. Mix up job responsibilities among employees to keep things fresh.
  • “There are different rules for everyone.” Make sure everyone shares in the same perks and appreciation.
  • “Meetings are a waste of time.” Set a time limit and ensure the agenda stays on track.

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