Defamation by Twitter? New legal ground

Twitter’s all the rage these days, but tweets that malign a business can just cause rage — and the occasional lawsuit.  That’s what happened to a Chicago woman who

used her Twitter account to complain about a “moldy” apartment she rented from a real estate group.

According to an Associate Press story, Horizon Group Management LLC accuses Amanda Bonnen of defaming the company in May when she “tweeted” about moldy apartments.

The lawsuit said she used Twitter to tell another user: “Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it’s okay.”

Jeff Michael, general counsel for Horizon, said Bonnen’s apartment was among several affected by an overnight leak in March when a contractor was making roof repairs. Michael said the company resolved all but Bonnen’s grievances and she moved out June 30 on her own accord.

The company claims her tweet was published “throughout the world” and severely damaged its good name.

That assumes, of course, that Horizon actually had a good name to begin with.

Although Bonnen’s account was set to public, meaning any Twitter user could see it, a Google-cache of the now deactivated account shows she had 17 followers.

The company’s lawsuit seeks $50,000.

Bonnen was already suing Horizon before they filed suit against her — but her complaint didn’t have anything to do with mold or tweeting.

Her suit, filed a few days before she moved out, claims the company violated Chicago leasing rules by not paying tenants interest on security deposits and failing to provide warnings about overloading porches.

Anybody out there really think Horizon’s upset about Bonnen’s tweeting?

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