The No. 1 quality customers look for in salespeople

What’s the No. 1  quality customers look for in salespeople?

While quality and price are critical, they  finished second and third, according to a recent survey conducted by John Tschohl, author and sales consultant.

More than 90% of the customers surveyed listed “Being there when I need you,” as the No. 1 quality they looked for in salespeople.

What this translates into means that your salespeople don’t have to be the cheapest, the smartest or the fastest. Being there when the customer needs them will get them the business.

Tschohl suggests that your salespeople adopt a philosophy that tells their customers, “You’re my customer and I’m here for you. Here’s my cell phone number, here’s my pager number. Here’s my 24-hour toll-free number. Here’s out Web address so you can get information at any time.”

By letting customers know what to do when they have questions, problems or complaints, your salespeople answer the No. 1 quality of “being there when needed.”

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