Does your startup really need to invest in UX?

Have you recently launched a startup? Congratulations! You have just made the first step toward your dream! Now it’s time to distribute available funds wisely and hope that your newborn company will not fail like 90 percent of startups do.

Do you know how to avoid mistakes made by those “dead” startups? It’s simple. Don’t be a miser, and start investing in UX as soon as possible. If you wonder how UX can help your startup to succeed, just keep reading.

Define a market need

Do you genuinely believe that your team is developing a revolutionary product? Do you think that this product will take the market by storm? Well, this is just a hypothesis, which you have to prove before you start designing any features.

To do that, you should conduct user research and user testing. It will allow you to define a market need and analyze it thoroughly. 

Startups, which decide not to hire a UX designer, face the following common problems:

  • There is a similar product on the market. Beating competition without massive investment in marketing is impossible.
  • A proposed product doesn’t have a broad application. Only a few companies/users find this product useful or can afford to buy it.
  • Customers are not ready for the revolutionary product. Technology is too sophisticated for ordinary users.

If engineers don’t know about these issues, they will develop a product that will be doomed to failure. But if you decide to invest in UX design and identify a specific market need, you will give your startup a chance to succeed.

Reduce development time

Another problem, which most startups face, is about building the right product. Without a UX designer, the team can’t develop a concept of the product, which will perfectly satisfy the market need.

Issac Currie, web designer for BestWritersCanada shares: “Let’s face it. Without prior user research, prototyping, and testing, it will be simply impossible to come up with the right solution from the first try. If engineers don’t clearly understand how the final product should look like, they will have to fix bad features again and again.”

In other words, if you don’t invest in UX, you will force your engineers to play “guessing games”: they will be trying to figure out what the right product is all about. And, if the development process takes more time than expected, it’s highly likely that your startup will meet neither deadlines nor budget.

So, to avoid sinking your startup, you should stop ignoring the importance of UX. If you hire an in-house UX designer, you will shorten development time by at least 30 percent. It will allow you to cut costs and meet the tight deadlines.

Make your product unique

Let’s be frank. There are only a few truly unique products and services in the world. In most cases, customers can easily satisfy their needs using alternative solutions. So, it’s crucially important to create a product, which will be better in terms of functionality, usability, and positive user experience.

But is it possible to make any adequate product improvements without application of UX design? The answer is “no”. Without proper user research and usability testing, engineers have no chance to create a superior product. A UX designer is the only development team member, who can find a way to avoid customer frustration.

For this reason, if your engineers have no idea how to create a one-of-a-kind product, it’s time to hire an in-house UX specialist.  Believe you or not, it will help to take the development process to the next level.

Focus on core values

Among other things, UX design also helps startups to focus on their core ideas, values, business model, and key customers. Why is it so important?

The problem is that most inexperienced teams find it challenging to survive the ups and downs of startup development. And there is always a risk that a company will choose the wrong direction going through the next stage of the growth cycle. UX design helps development teams to stay focused on the initial business objectives no matter what.

Wrapping up

If you want your startup to succeed, you should invest in user research, prototyping, and testing. This is the only way to ensure that you are developing the right product and are heading in the right direction. Believe in your ideas, be persistent, and you will achieve your ambitious goals.

About the Author: Amanda Sparks is a professional marketer and blogger. She is passionate about developing innovative and customer-friendly solutions for brands. You can follow Amanda on Twitter.

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