E-mail more prospects will click on: A 6-pt blueprint

E-marketing giant MailerMailer’s bi-annual E-Mail Marketing Metrics Report just revealed the six key factors that determine whether or not prospects open (and respond to) e-mail.

Here are the study’s six key findings (based on a study of over 300 million business e-mails sent over two years):

  1. E-mails with subject lines that are less than 35 characters are opened 3-4% more often than those with longer subject lines.
  2. While personalizing the e-mail message itself actually increases open rates, personalizing the subject line significantly decreases open and response rates (because recipients tend to feel any message with their name in the subject line is spam).
  3. Open rates are highest on Monday and decrease steadily as the week goes on (e.g., 4-6% fewer e-mails sent on Friday are opened than those sent on Monday).
  4. The smaller and more targeted a list, the greater the response rate (lists that have 250-500 recipients and segment by title, industry or past buying history have the highest response rate). As recipient lists increase in size, response rates decrease.
  5. A recent MarketingSherpa survey that was quoted in the study found that 64% of decision makers now view most of their e-mail via a BlackBerry (or other mobile device), which means companies may need to adjust and send more “mobile-friendly” e-mails.
  6. Prospects prefer HTML to regular text.

To download the complete study, visit “MailerMailer’s Email Metrics Report.”

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