Fake job references easier than ever to get

E-commerce has truly changed the way consumers shop and expanded what they can buy — including a better work history. Yes, that’s right, your prospective employees can now

get themselves a better past by buying fake job references from alibihq.com.

The company, that bills itself as the “alibi headquarters of North America,” offers a broad range of services to those whose employment background may be, well, checkered.

Their menu of services include:

  • Fake employment verification
  • Fake job references
  • Fake rental references
  • Fake business, trade show invitations
  • Fake doctors’ notes

Also known for their phony conference programs and phone screening to give people plausible cover stories, it seems Alibi Headquarters is branching out and up.

Whether or not the site is an elaborate hoax, this may be the time to warn your HR department and recruiters to use the Yellow Pages to verify company numbers when calling for employment verification and references.

What will they think of to sell us online next? We’re almost afraid to ask…

0 thoughts on “Fake job references easier than ever to get”

  1. How horrible! These idiots could end up as a lazy co-worker or worse off…manager or supervisor! Meanwhile, the more honest, more qualified person is still down in the dumps and looking for work. It’s unfortunate that there are web sites that furnish this information.

  2. I remember “George” of Seinfeld claim, telling everyone to answer the phone as “VANDELAI”
    You see how that worked out, with him lying in the middle of the floor with his pants around his ankles. At least when the applicant doesn’t work out you will have grounds to let them go, providing you find the fraud. Next we will see a lawsuit over all the pay a false applicant received. This is fraught with all types of complications.

  3. employment refs/recs are a joke, biased, tainted, and colored many loaded with jealousy/resentment–they are ineffective to say the least. terry nickell dimed. just interview and interview with tough qsns. and accomplishments/results. period. people leave jobs b/c the job/boss sucks. period. just like selling a home , you left b/c the place sucked or was too small/too big etc….

  4. No one is hiring. We are in a depression, the government spues nonsense to the massess, and that is because most americans are stupid and cant think properly other than guzzling junk food, sports, and watching boob tube shows. References are fraudulent-most everyone knows this.

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