Feds beginning I-9 crackdown

Better remind HR of the importance of having your I-9 documentation in order. Sounds like the feds could be stopping in soon.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency recently announced it’ll be doing I-9 audits on 650 employers nationwide.

That move, observers say, is the beginning of the Obama administration’s push to use employers as the hammer in cracking down on illegal immigrants. Although the 650 companies initially identified for scrutiny were chosen through “leads and information obtained through other investigative means” (in the words of ICE), it’s a pretty good bet the feds will turn up the heat on across-the-board I-9 enforcement this year.

The evidence: ICE has shifted personnel and resources to prosecute employers who hire undocumented workers. What’s more, the agency has said it will pursue criminal prosecutions against offenders — not the civil actions the feds carried out before.

For a look at the agency’s announcement, click here.

0 thoughts on “Feds beginning I-9 crackdown”

  1. I can honestly say this is the ONLY positive thing I have seen come out of the Obama admin since he bought the office.

  2. I’m having trouble understanding how an administration that is promoting amnesty and free health care for all the illegals can justify this action? Don’t get me wrong I’m in favor of anything that will slow down illegals crossing the border. I guess punishing employers by forcing them to provide free insurance for illegals and then punish them for employing them makes sense to a liberal.

  3. Bob Schlesinger

    Somebody is listening to too much right wing talk radio.
    This business about free insurance for illegals is a crock.
    Do your own research – don’t rely on drugged out loony bins who happen to have a radio show.

  4. One word for this whole issue. OXOYMORON! Research the E-Verify system and how the inexperienced administration and leadership views this portal of verification. It speaks volumes….

  5. How is insurance “free” if employees pay taxes?

    Those who employ illegals and give cash-in-hand, untaxed wages should be prosecuted. If they seek to avoid paying an employer’s contribution towards healthcare by having them “off the books”, then they should be prosecuted.

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