Guarding data from angry ex-employees

Your IT department probably is already on alert for disgruntled ex-employees who might take off with sensitive data. There’s more that can, and should, be done.

A new Ponemon Institute survey has released some pretty scary statistics. Out of 945 workers who were laid off, fired or quit their jobs in the last year, 59% admitted stealing company data and 67% said they used their former company’s confidential data as a bargaining tool for a new job.

Many companies want to avoid becoming Big Brother in order to ensure security. But in this desperate climate, can you afford not to beef-up monitoring efforts?

One thing you can do now: Make sure your IT department has installed network-access-control gear to monitor data access. It’s worth the investment to track and control users trying to get at sensitive data.

Ask IT about these tools:
•    ConSentry LANShield integrates network-access control directly into a switch that replaces your existing switches. The LANShield switch and all role- and policy-management capabilities are managed by a Windows-based application while endpoint assessment is performed by an agent from Check Point.
•    NetClarity’s EasyNAC Micro lets you push NAC security protection into smaller corporate sites with its tiny branch office appliance. It can find PCs that violate the policies you set, and can send back alerts or block the traffic.

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