High-pressure times call for strong leaders

High-stress situations tend to call for a more structured leadership style. This could be when there’s a high level of uncertainty, when time is of the essence or when there’s added pressure to get results from limited resources.

At times like these, your managers need to deploy strong leadership skills to direct employees effectively. Here’s what they need to do.

  • Give a vision. Employees understand the need to go above-and-beyond when they know how the work connects to ultimate goals and objectives.
  • Set guidelines. Be clear and specific about when assignments are due, and what the end product is expected to be.
  • Check in regularly. Let the team know they’ll be expected to show their progress at regular intervals.
  • Work through problems. If an employee has trouble finishing a task, find out why. Ask as many questions as possible to discover reasons behind obstacles and delays.
  • Review priorities. Other concerns could come up, so time-lines and goals may need to be adjusted (with the team’s knowledge).
  • Judge performance. Afterward, meet with the team to discuss how they measured up to expectations. Offer kudos for exceptional efforts, and ask them to talk about lessons learned along the way.

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