IRS steps up audits for small businesses

The Internal Revenue Service has announced it’s going to increase the number of business audits. And here’s the kicker: It’s because the agency says it needs a little practice at the task.

The IRS just announced it’s rolling out its first National Research Program (NRP) in about 15 years this November. The agency says the reason for the program is to:

  • improve agency compliance efforts, and
  • better use existing resources.

For employers, this means a much greater chance of being audited over the next three years, because up to 2,000 companies could end up in the NRP over each of the next three years, IRS’s Anita Bartels told attendees of the American Payroll Association’s Annual Congress.

The selection process, which is already underway, is based on a statistical sample.

Rest assured, just because your firm gets audited doesn’t mean it did something wrong (e.g., file an incorrect return). Still, it can’t hurt to review now the four areas IRS says its examinations will focus on: worker classification, fringe benefits, nonfilers and officers’/directors’ compensation (especially S corporations).

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  1. If small business is the means and methods for getting Americans back to work and the economy moving again. Then why is it that we are the ones aways being targeted to pay more and more? What is the incentive to keeping the doors open? We didn’t create this situation but we certainly seem to be the ones asked to carry the cross. Enough is enough!

  2. Wage & Labor Audit, Sales Tax Audit, Business & Professional Regulations Audit, Franchise Audit, County Tax Audit, IRS Audit, Audits after Audits…. it seems, small businesses are punished the most for providing employment, creating local tax dollars, helping the economy. It’s time to move to another country….lol.

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