IT buying strategies for today’s economy

Cutting back on IT spending doesn’t necessarily mean your organization has to be stuck in a technological holding pattern.
With some lesser-used but greatly successful purchasing strategies, you can keep technology current while still saving money.

Talk to your IT folks about these three options:

Strategy #1: Purchase refurbished equipment. You can pick up a cheaper iPod that way – why not the bigger stuff? Many companies are buying refurbished IT equipment for significant savings.

Good for: Servers and other types of large equipment. Steer IT clear of going this route with networking equipment – there have been many reports of counterfeits.

Potential savings: 40%-50%. In some cases, firms report saving 90%.

Strategy #2: Purchase equipment at auctions. You hear the staggering bankruptcy stats all the time – why not turn it into a savings for your company? You can get a lot of IT equipment during asset liquidation.

Good for: Consumables, like printer cartridges.

Potential savings: You may be able to set your own price here. But be ready: It’s cash-and-carry.

Strategy #3: Max out what you already have. Your company could max out existing systems with new CPUs, memory and disk drives.

Good for: Major equipment, like servers.

Potential savings: 90% of what you would pay for a new eight-way server, instead of upgrading your existing two-way to an eight-way.

Adapted from “7 Easy Ways to Cut IT Costs You May Have Overlooked,” by Ephraim Schwartz, at

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