Keeping your Facebook rep clean

Everybody from the mailroom clerk to the CEO seems to have a Facebook page these days. And even if the rank-and-file don’t worry about keeping their online image pristine, it’s a sure bet upper managers should.

One of the biggest sources of social networking shame is inappropriate photos, especially ones in which the exec is  “tagged” in on sites like Facebook.

What’s posted could embarrass a company chief – and, by extension, a company.

To monitor your social networking reputation, you usually have to actually have to create a profile, which you can then use to manage the photos other post of you.

Be warned: There’s nothing to prevent other folks from posting a not-so-flattering picture of you, but there’s a way to make sure other folks can’t search for pics tagged with your name:

Mouse over Settings in the upper right corner of your Facebook page. Click Privacy Settings. When the Privacy page loads, click Profile.
The use Privacy > Profile> Photos Tagged of You>My Networks and Friends>Customize >Who Can See This?>Only Me. Click “okay” and “Save Changes”.

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