Lax cybersecurity could endanger your business: 3 steps to protect your assets

Your workplace likely prides itself on its positive culture.

Maybe employees are allowed to work from home some days, or work devices can be used outside the office.

But beware: If that’s the case, your organization may be facing serious risks that often go overlooked when it comes to cybersecurity policies and training.

No place like home?

Many employees don’t adhere to common security practices when they’re not at work. After all, you’re not around to tell them the dangers or police their network usage.

And those risks are present no matter where employees are, making your company susceptible to breaches and attacks.

The best way to protect your organization is to expand the cybersecurity training you offer employees.

Address both work and home devices, and include info on subjects like shared home networks and public Wi-Fi access.

Flexibility in the work environment is a positive benefit, but it also brings potential dangers.

Explaining those dangers to employees, along with teaching them how to protect themselves, is key for your organization’s security.

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