Lighter side: Morale boosters we can’t recommend

Lord knows, morale’s a big concern in today’s workplace. But some of the attitude boosters we’ve been reading lately …

Take a look at these suggestions (they’re real, we promise; we’re withholding the name of the author to protect the Pollyanna-ish):

  • Provide blank name labels and allow employees to make up their new “name of the day.” Now here’s a sure winner. Nothing says fun like an alias. “I’ll get right on that, Mr. Khan … er, may I call you Ghengis?”
  • Ask each staff member to compliment another staff member of his or her choice, every day, in writing. No one may compliment the same person twice until having complimented everyone at least once. Yeah, this’ll work. Fast forward to Day 8: “You know, Bob, I think that dandruff thing is getting a lot better … “
  • Bring in marshmallows and allow people to roast them over the stove at lunch. We can see the headline: 18 burned in bizarre workplace bonding ritual.
  • Be funny. A couple of knee-slappers for bosses: “Call a staff meeting to announce there’s no staff meeting.” “Hide under a table, and when people question you, tell them you’re trying to get a new perspective on things.”

Can’t-miss stuff. Let us know how they work out for you.

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