Lighter side (we think): The latest in bulletproof accessories

It’s cheaper than a Blackberry, but adds so much more value.  And if your back is ever up against the wall, well, this just might be the life-saver you’re looking for.What “it” is, is  BulletBlocker’s bulletproof executive briefcase, which after a decade on the market is still selling strong, or so reports the manufacturer on its Web site,

For just $199, the briefcase is a blend of sporty  design paired with a  sleek business styling, which makes it perfect for everyday use, or to foil that would-be mugger. Unfortunately, it only comes in gunsmoke black.

“When you get in your car, you wear a seat belt. If you go to a swimming pool, there’s a lifeguard on duty. If you go on a boat, there are life vests. But what do you do when you hear a gunshot?” the Web site asks.

So, shouldn’t more executives carry bulletproof briefcases for those “tricky” situations?

BulletBlocker thinks so. It calls the executive brief case a good choice for work or play. And since its metal-detector friendly, it’s makes getting through airports a breeze.

And don’t forget the kids.

BulletBlocker also offers an expanded line of personal safety equipment for school children, including colorful bulletproof vest, panels and inserts, bulletproof backpacks –and  even bulletproof notebooks.

“Give kids a life saving defensive advantage over an increasingly violent and heavily armed society,”  urges the Web site’s marketing copy.

And if the kids are ever looking for that perfect gift for their favorite teacher, well, there’s a Teacher Safety Seat Cushion that’ll flatten a .44 Magnum before it can do any real damage.

Duck and cover!

All BulletBlocker products are made with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene anti-ballistic composites.

They also  come with a money-back guarantee. Not quite sure how that works, though.

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  1. A little extra protection can’t hurt, except maybe in the pocketbook. The exception is the line of products for school children. If you give a child a bulletproof backpack, you are not making him/her feel safer, you are signaling the child that he/she should be more fearful. That is not the way to grow a confident adult.

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