Obama deals with labor leaders — and their agenda — this week


A dozen union leaders will huddle with President Obama in the White House this week. Here’s what they’re talking about.

Health care
Labor leaders in general are in favor of passage of Obama’s healthcare initiatives. They want to kick around some of the specifics:

  • They oppose enacting a tax on employee-provided health benefits to help finance healthcare reform. Fact is, a lot of union members get their health coverage through their employers, so organized labor isn’t keen on taxing the benefit.
  • They support the so-called public option for health coverage, in which a government entity offers insurance and competes with private providers.

Employee Free Choice Act
The original proposal sought to make unionization easier by offering a “card check” provision instead of a vote. The bill has hit a speed bump because supporters haven’t been able to rustle up 60 votes in the Senate to overcome a filibuster, and the seating of liberal Democrat Al Franken isn’t seen as the tipping point for getting passage.

All of that has forced union organizers to look at alternatives and compromises. They’ll be looking to the President for encouragement and ideas.

Bottom line: The card-check provision of EFCA may be dead, but the bill isn’t — yet.

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  1. Having sat on the board of several companies that employeed union workers this has become the biggest down fall of our country. Companies are afraid to challenged unions, because of lost revenue, due to the time their plants may be closed. Unions may have been needed in the early 1900’s but the internet and the ability of individuals to have one voice can take their place. From my experiences unions have a tendancy to force pay to individuals for task that should be paid much lower. They also drive that all individuals have the same work ethic and that is not true. Employeement should be based on what you do for your company and not what the company can do for you. Unions are a big challenge in government and need to be disolved so that they have to produce like non-union companies. You do not have to be a union to treat your employee’s fairly!!!

  2. Is anyone paying attention? All, if not most, of the unemployed are union. I can’t count on 2 hands how many former union members or spouses say that they do nothing but take your money. Benefits are being eliminated and the union now owns what percentage of GM?

  3. What they should be talking about is how to make America competitive again. Instead of talking about who is going to get what for their support. We know that won’t happen. Maybe the unions want a piece of Citibank.

  4. do has anyone thought about the fact that prices would skyrocket due to the fees required by these greedy unions, and because of the rediculous wages they fight for?????? and how about the fact that they have manipulated our greedy government to get a substancial portion of GM after setting the wages so high they could not compete in the world with the labor of other auto mfrs? time tosmack down these greedy unions and say no way. if they get thier way then say good by forever to the free enterprize system, especially if you are an entreprenuer.

  5. Michael Elliott

    I feel the Unions are the worst thing for this country and it is evident in the jobs going overseas now.
    I voted for Obama and regret my decision now.
    I was hoping for positive change and am recieving negative change.
    I realy feel that the plan will eventually result in the United States becoming a third wolrd country and that may be the real plan.
    The Unions should not be a part of the of the desision making process I will never be a member of the Union. The Unions are a large part of the problem.

  6. Unions and commodity traders are killing the United States of America. Our Politions are voting us into a society where the government screws the public and the individuals and companies that are the backbone of providing jobs for our people.

  7. Unions are flawed because the people attracted to union office often have their own agendas. And, I have seen unions where the officials were corrupt. However, managers are not angels either. The US government has worked as well as it has because it is a system of checks and balsnces that protects us against the worst abuses. Unions are a check against the abuses of management, and good managers work with unions as partners instead of adversaries. I have seen many non-union workplaces where basic labor laws are violated on a daily basis, and the labor department advises employees not to complain until after they quit to avoid retaliation.

  8. I’m concerned that healthcare in all forms should be NON PROFIT not FOR Profit. If there are concerns regarding government ‘control’, there is no reason why the hospitals, doctors, nurses, etc. cacn’t operate on a Community/Co-op and Non-Profit level, have the Patients or Participants decide where and who and have some input, yet have the Government cover costs, fully cutting out the Insurance Companies entirely. I wish people would open their minds to OTHER options such as this. Also, there should not be any form of taxation on this, by our Constitution our States and the Federal Government do have the option and ability if they so choose to create their own form of money – independent from the Federal Reserve Bank Cronies.

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