Obama puts employers in immigration crosshairs

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently announced details of its new strategy to fight illegal immigration — and its plan is to focus its energy on going after companies.

In a fact sheet released April 30, the new administration’s DHS announced: “Effective immediately, ICE [Immigrations and Customs Enforcement] will focus its resources … on the criminal prosecution of employers who knowingly hire illegal workers.”

Of the 6,000 arrests made in 2008, 135 were top management officials for employers hiring illegals — a ratio the DHS now feels is much too low.

Does this mean companies need to do anything differently? No — they should just continue rigorously following all hiring laws.

Nothing in the law is changing — just the way the law is enforced. According to the fact sheet, ICE use “all available civil and administrative tools, including fines and debarment, to penalize and deter illegal employment.”

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  1. BFD – especially since he’s going to push for total amnesty as soon as he can get away with it.

    Change we can believe in – indeed.

  2. Personally I think Arizona’s new law is a great law. We all recognize that we need to allow a better path to citizenship, but since the state can’t grant the citizenship the only way we can protect ourselves is to enforce harsher penalties against all illegal immigrants. We can’t sort the good and the bad until the Federal government acts. Instead of protesting our actions people should be petitioning their congressmen to reform immigration laws. We just want to keep the criminals and drug dealers out of our state.

  3. Lets see, in the last week I have walked past 5 construction sites, including street paving, and never viewed one black or white person. I live in the SF Bay Area and I can assure you there are plenty of Americans just praying for a good paying job like that, including my neighbor who has been out of work for about 6 months with no where to turn. ICE needs to go after these employers because there is nothing as infuriating as walking down the street and hearing ONLY Spanish spoken and seeing only Hispanics working the heavy machinery! Shame on Obama!!

  4. I am not an anti-immigration fanatic. I unsnrdtaed the desire to come to my country and make a better life. I would just like people who are doing that to come and try to do it legally. I don’t have unreal expectations of immigrants.I believe Immigrants should follow a few simple rules.!. Follow the Law of my country2. Try your best to assimilate. Learn the language, customs etc. I am not saying forget your heritage but you belong to a different group, now: You are an American.3. Build our nation up don’t tear it down.These rules are important because just because you can get to America does not mean you deserve to stay. I want those who really want to better themselves, their families and our country. I don’t want Criminals, Terrorists, angry exiles, or any other non-desirables. Everyone in this county is descendant of immigrants.

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