One small change that boosts your company’s energy savings by 46%

The temperatures are rising … and so are the totals on your company’s energy bills. 

It’s air conditioning season again!

And while few are probably willing to sweat it out to save a buck, your company can attack high electricity bills on another front: lighting.

After all, lighting accounts for at least 30% of organizations’
energy costs.

Make a significant dent there and your company can keep your office like a meat locker all summer long!

The best news? You don’t need to start ripping out fluorescent bulbs and replacing them with greener options. All you need to do? Turn off the lights.

Companies that adopt a “lights out policy” – keeping lights off throughout the building and letting employees turn them on when they need them – can enjoy a whopping 46% jump in energy savings. Hard to argue with pushing for that culture change.

Bathrooms and conference rooms can certainly stay dark when empty!

Adapted from “Lighting Upgrades and Facility Management,” by Chad Safran, Today’s Facility Manager, 4/09.

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