Practice your putting anytime, even in the comfort of your own office

It’s been said the game of golf is so challenging that even God practices  his putting.  But help for us mere mortals could be right around the corner.

A company called EasyTurf claims to have a product that can take five strokes off your golf score! No, it’s not an eraser.

It’s a new line of synthetic golf greens that can be installed in the privacy of your own back yard, or even the privacy of your office.

Virtually maintenance free, EasyTurf golf putting greens are professional grade golf greens that can be custom matched to each golfer’s specific needs.

From custom speeds to engineered putting angles and breaks, every aspect of an EasyTurf green can be designed according to the customer’s needs. It’s said these greens provide an unparalleled realness in both surface quality and aesthetics.

Customers can order greens designed to match those at Augusta, Pine Valley, Torrey Pines or any other golf venue. Greens can be kidney shaped, or have bulkheads, moguls, tiers and bunkers.

And best of all, they are virtually maintenance free.

You do know the real reason your golf pro tells you to keep your head down is so you can’t see him laughing at you. Well,  EasyTurf promises it can help you change all that.

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