Small biz getting shut out of support for energy projects

Is the deck stacked against smaller companies when it comes to becoming greener?

You have to wonder given these stats: In the last three years, the rate of new small-scale solar energy projects in New Jersey, for instance, has dropped nearly 30%.

The state’s Clean Energy Program helped 717 solar projects in 2006 and 645 in 2008, but is on pace for only 500 projects this year.

Reason: The average size of the projects is going up. A representative from the Board of Public Utilities told the Star Ledger that the program needs larger projects to meet Gov. Jon Corzine’s (D) solar goal which mandates that about 30% of New Jersey’s energy come from renewable sources by 2020.

However, smaller businesses aren’t being completely shut out. The Princeton-Blairstown Center received $90,000 from the state for its solar panels. It paid for the rest of the solar system at its camp with $30,000 in donations.

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