Some employees refuse to get the ‘recession blues’: What motivates them

The recession hasn’t been all bad for American workers, according to a recent survey from Robert Half International. Their attitudes greatly depend on their workplace environment.

Most workers can cite at least one positive effect the recession’s had on their jobs:

  • Ability to take on new projects: 53%
  • More responsibility: 52%
  • More challenging work: 52%
  • Increased interaction with management: 44%
  • More interactions with clients or customers: 38%

Keeping ’em motivated

Employees may be expanding their skill sets — but they’re still at risk for burnout if they take on too much. That’s why you — and their managers — need to be prepared for all possibilities during leaner times. Here are a few ideas:

  • Recognize top performers through e-mails, by posting messages on bulletin boards or at staff meetings
  • Remind them frequently how much their efforts now will help the organization in the future, while encouraging them to think about long-term goals, and
  • Train managers to recognize the signs of burnout, so they can provide the necessary resources and support.

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