Taming travel expenses: Most only get it half right!

When your company looks to control travel and entertainment (T&E) costs, you probably focus on the “biggies” on those expense reports.  

The top three:

  • hotel
  • airline, and
  • car rental.

Here’s news for you: You’re probably missing more than half of where your dollars go.

Turns out on average only 46% of an organization’s T&E dollars go to those suppliers.

That’s the eye-opening stat recently tossed out by the president elect of the National Business Travel Association.

Where does the other 54% go?

The “little stuff” that adds up fast: food, other ground transportation
and other small expenses.

That’s actually a great opportunity for companies to save.

It may be tough to get folks to use certain airlines, but you can easily let ’em know your company won’t reimburse for that extra $15 fitness center charge from their hotel.

It’s well worth taking a first (or another) look at these expenses.

In part from “Spending on Business Travel in U.S. to Remain Flat,” by Susan Avery, at www.purchasing.com

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