Tapping talent: Finding new leaders in your organization

One of the best qualities in a leader? The ability to spot and groom other leaders in your organization.

And while everybody likes to feel indispensable, it’s smart business to be looking for successors – or at least someone else capable of taking the reins.

So what exactly sets apart the leaders from the followers?

And more importantly, what makes for the most effective long-term leaders?

Here’s what to look for.

Above all, the best leaders are capable of one thing: viewing
the big picture.

That manifests itself in several ways:

  • They put the business first. You approach Tim about taking on a big project. It would be a real feather in his cap, but he declines, saying that Marnie would be a better person for the job.
  • They seek lots of info to make decisions. The best leaders don’t operate in a vacuum. So maybe before making a decision on a credit policy change, Sara consults not only other A/R staffers, but Sales and Customer Service. A good sign. The best leaders trust their intuition, too.
  • They don’t accept the status quo. You want a little bit of rebel in your leaders. Someone who questions the way things have always been done is the person who’s likely to make changes for the better.

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