The latest threat to your company’s cash

Now’s the perfect time for you or your CFO to touch base with your bank to find out exactly what your bank is doing to keep your company’s accounts safe.

And don’t accept a stock answer.

Banks and brokerage firms are getting whacked with a spike in account theft.
Case in point: A New Hampshire hacker recently stole $112,000 using Trojan horse software to divert funds from a dozen banks and brokerage firms.

Ask … then ask again
Naturally when your company does broach the subject with your financial institutions, you’re going to be assured they have all the necessary defenses in place.

They may even provide you with some prepared info on their security policies.

Delve deeper.

Many of the latest schemes involve Trojan horses, which come disguised as everything from screensavers to security patches.

So someone will need to find out what your bank is doing to keep its own employees from opening up something that can leave your company’s cash vulnerable.

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